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Meet the world’s #LGBTQ🌈 skiers & snowboa…

Meet the world’s #LGBTQ🌈 skiers & snowboarders! Send us a picture of you in the mountains & we’ll share it with our followers! ⁣
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Billy Porter Says He Wore Tuxedo Gown To The O…

Billy Porter Says He Wore Tuxedo Gown To The Oscars To ‘Create Conversation’:

“People are actually listening,” he said. “I hope it opens up a dialogue of healing. I will always continue to do me. If there’s anything I’ve learned in the 49 years that I’ve lived on this planet, is that being authentic is the only version of the story that anybody should be.”

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From SnowBrains:

Just 5 miles North of Squamish, east of the famous Sea to Sky Highway, on Brohm Ridge, lies the groundwork for a new all-season resort. The project labeled Garibaldi at Squamish aims to be a mid-size ski resort. The area seeks to strike the balance between the terrain and culture of Whistler and the North Shore.


“I stand with Jussie, under the principle that he is family to me, and he’s always stood for me… But I’m a realist, and I respect law, and I respect what I’ve been seeing and hearing as well of the investigation — although Chicago does have its reputation. But what I say in that case is if this is something that he’s responsible for, I stand by him — because then we need to get him help.”

Raph Harris, friend and former co-star, on Jussie Smollett


From Liftopia:

Fantastic scenery is one of the best assets for the sports of skiing and snowboarding. The immediate feeling of coming down the mountain may be exhilarating, but the scenic beauty lasts even longer through photographs. North America has literally thousands of pretty ski trails, but here are ten runs that are particularly remarkable.


I know there are unique challenges that come with being black and beautiful and gay. The Human Rights Campaign, the largest LGBTQ civil rights advocacy and political lobbying group in the US, understands that reality well and is taking steps to help members of the LGBTQ community at HBCUs better navigate that journey.

“Courageous actions” is the key theme in the development program they provide to HBCU students and staff. Very soon, that program will be available to alumni in the HRC HBCU P.R.I.D.E Alumni Network. It will be launching this month, February, Black History Month.

Towelroad reports on last night’s Grammy winne…

Towelroad reports on last night’s Grammy winner for Album of the Year, Kacey Musgraves:

Musgraves told Billboard in March that getting out in the world transformed a homophobic upbringing and allowed her a different perspective on how people should be treated.

She said she regrets that once she was a party to bullying.

Said Musgraves: “At 18, I was a lot more redneck than I am now. I think back to who I was then: being in a small-town high school and seeing a gay guy get made fun of, I’d like, laugh along and not really think much about it. A best friend came out to me right after high school, and that’s when I started getting it — my perspective completely changed. Moving to Nashville, I started hanging out at this gay club called Play all the time, and I made so many friends. It really hurt my heart that I had ever even been close to being the opposite of that.”

She also told HuffPost that she’d love to see a gay country music icon.

“I keep dreaming of the day when we have a gay country music icon, that is loud and proud and really, like, a hero for country music fans, especially in these small towns where [LGBTQ people] are terrified of being themselves and feel like they have to hide….If we had someone who could be that voice, a first-person account of that voice in our genre…I think it could be a really powerful thing.”

Huffington Post reports:

Huffington Post reports:

“Brandi Carlile emerged triumphant from the 2019 Grammy Awards Sunday, but she made it clear her early struggles coming to terms with her sexuality continue to influence her music. The folk-rock singer-songwriter took home three Grammys, including Best Americana Album for 2018’s “By the Way, I Forgive You” and Best American Roots Performance for that LP’s first single, “The Joke.” Her most poignant remarks came after picking up the award for Best American Roots Song for “The Joke,” which she also performed live at the ceremony. “Americana music is the island of the misfit toys [and] I am such a misfit,” Carlile told the crowd. “I came out of the closet at 15 years old, when I was in high school, and I can assure you that I was never invited to any parties.”“I never got to attend a dance,” she continued. “To be embraced by this enduring and loving community has been the dance of a lifetime. Thank you for being my island.”

Disney Channel’s ‘Andi Mack’ Captures A Powerf…

Disney Channel’s ‘Andi Mack’ Captures A Powerful Coming Out Moment

The latest episode, “One in a Minyan,” is a refreshingly nuanced take on a pivotal moment for LGBTQ tweens. 

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