Gus Kenworthy Talks Being a ‘Bad Gay,’ Hollywo…

Gus Kenworthy Talks Being a ‘Bad Gay,’ Hollywood Aspirations | Hotspots! Magazine:

“Nobody reminds silver Olympic medalist Gus Kenworthy that he was in Sharknado 5, and it’s hard to tell how that makes him feel after I casually drop that nugget of info as you do if you’ve studied his IMDB page. “Global Swarming,” I say, naming the film’s subtitle. He laughs big. “Never before has anyone said that to me.”

It’s 9 a.m. when Kenworthy calls, and he’s either in serious-guy interview mode, a low-key (or sleepy?) version of his perky Instagram self – or he just rolled out of the air mattress he’s been snoozing on since recently moving to Los Angeles. If you’re an aspiring actor like Kenworthy, this is where you aspire. This is where Kenworthy will spend time writing his latest and greatest chapter, maybe host a game show or a talk show. (Whatever he does, let there be dogs, because Kenworthy loves dogs.) And he’s in the right place with the right man, his actor-boyfriend of three years, Matthew Wilkas. So, why not?”

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